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Finished series: Uta no Prince-sama - Maiji Love 1000%

We've finished watching Uta no Prince-sama - Maiji Love 1000%. My first episode review is here.

Haruka grew up on the farm with her grandmother, learning the piano and loving music. When she was in the busy city, she was overwhelmed with impressions, but then she heard Hayato, a male idol, singing on a giant LED screen at a busy crossing. His singing soothed her, and now she has a burning desire to compose songs for him. Which is why she decided to attend an idol training school, following the composer track. The school is lead by Shining Saotome, a former idol, and all the teachers are idols themselves!
Haruka meets six handsome boys who are in the idol track, and overcomes some personal difficulties on her way to be a composer. She helps her boys, and they support her. And then she finds out that the supposed 'twin brother' of Hayato actually is Hayato, who wants to sing more while his agency doesn't seem to go for that angle for him! And then the idols and composers have to pair up for the graduation audition, and all six boys pick Haruka!

So it's a 'reverse-harem' anime, based on a dating sim aimed at girls. The boys are pretty but rather stereotypical, Haruka is your basic hard-working heroine who overcomes her problems, and they all want her! Normally, I would totally discard such a play-by-the-number series half-way, but the headmaster (who plays an important role in the background) makes the series for me. He speaks only in slogans, and he is voiced by Norio Wakamoto -- who turns up his usual typical way of speaking all the way to the max. This gives the whole thing such an absurd edge that I kept watching.

Visually, the series isn't even half bad -- uncommon for a fluff show. The outfits are varied and plausible, and the animation is pretty smooth. This one had the budget to back it up! The only gripe I have is that Haruka has yellow eyes and green pupils, which gives her a rather freakish look on an otherwise pretty girl. The voice acting isn't too bad either, but it's obvious that some actors have little singing experience -- which is a bit of a shame if you're supposed to be a 'Prince of Singing'...

Good points:
- Fluff with a budget;
- Norio Wakamoto's performance.
Bad points:
- Predictable.

All in all, not a bad watch if you're in the mood for something light. I'll give it a 7.
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