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Finished series: Blood-C

We've finished watching Blood-C. My first episode review is here.

Saya lives with her father in a shrine. During the day she visits the local highschool, but in the evening she is called upon to protect the village against man-eating monsters! Armed with a holy katana, Saya battles these creatures to save her village!

Or so it seems. Because there's lots of weirdness going on, and only during the last few episodes it's revealed what's going on. You see, these man-eating monsters have a pact with the government that they can eat the occasional human, but they leave the rest of them alone. And Saya is a super-vampire who lost her memories and who, with blood-magic and hypnosis, has been given a carefully crafted past as a human girl. The whole village is one big experiment for the sake of Saya, and the humans who are the victims of the monsters are simply sacrificed for the ambitions of the project leader. Saya regains her memories and vows to kill him -- but by the the series has ended and we will have to wait for the movie that will come out some time next year to have some sort of resolution. Also, that last episode has some horribly animated slaughter that we could have done without.

The plot moves really slowly, and while the fights are nicely choreographed and I really liked the character designs (done by CLAMP), there just isn't enough mystery and plot to keep the series going for the full twelve episodes. So by the time the big revelation comes, we're already kinda bored with the whole thing -- and the fact that there is no resolution makes us feel even more cheated.

Good points:
- Lovely character designs;
- Nice voice acting.
Bad points:
- Slow-moving plot;
- No resolution.

All in all, the series left me dissapointed. I'll give it a 5.5.
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