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Last batch of new anime

Last batch of the new anime!

Fate/Zero: Apparently set before the events of Fate/Stay Night. Various factions are gearing up for another Holy Grail War, and there's lots of manoevering to discover who the participants are and speculations as to which servant they will get.
I think I'm done with the whole Fate-thing. The whole episode (which is double-length, even) is spent talking. Sure, it's important to set up the characters, but this was just plain boring. I couldn't care for any of them, so I didn't care about the outcome of their war either.

Tamayura - Hitotose: I've reviewed the four-part Tamayura OVA before, and we quite liked it. This TV series is a direct prequel/continuation of the OVA, with the same characters and the same voice actors. The series has the same feel as the OVA, and so this definately went on the list.

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing: Set after the events of the first Last Exile series (Has it really been 8 years since then? Time flies like a vanship!) the story is about a band of sky pirates. One of them is Fam, who flies a vanship. They get caught up in a trap for the Turan kingdom, set by the Ades Federation, and through clever use of their resources, they manage to spirit the two princesses off the battlefield. I'm pretty sure that'll be only the beginning of their troubles. Dio returns too, and he is as enigmatic as before.
Looks gorgeous, and with the advance of technology, the blend of CGI and character animation is flawless. The ships are detailed, the world intricate. A worthy successor to Gonzo's masterpiece.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle: Kaito is some sort of super puzzle solver. He gets some sort of puzzle handheld from the student council president (who seems to be in cahoots with the principal to perpetrate some kind of mischief) and gets invited into an underground labyrinth. There he gets some sort of artifact that allows him to use his full brain capacity to solve puzzles -- which he needs when he has to save himself and his friend from drowning!
So, it's total shounen stuff, complete with shady organisations and special powers -- but this time it's about puzzles. Yeah, not our thing either.

And this concludes my new anime reviews! Phew!
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