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More new anime

There's more new anime to review!

Koume-chan ga Iku!: Retro-sub about a girl who works as a designer of characters (and/or stuffed toys) with an apalling sense of what will be popular. Luckily, the episodes are kess than 5 minutes each.

Working'!!: The second season of the adventures of the staff at the Wagnaria family restaurant picks up right where the first one left off. If you liked the first one, there is every reason to watch this.

Mirai Nikki: Yuki is a total loner who is always recording what he is doing on his phone. At home, he retreats into some fantasy world -- until one of his 'inventions' turns out to be real enough to enchant his telephone to actually start predicting the future: his diary is filled with entries from the future. At first Yuki takes advantage of this (which pisses off the people around him) , but then it is revealed that there are more people who have future diaries -- and only one of them will get the grand prize. With the help of a psycho would-be girlfriend, Yuki manages to defeat an attacker, which makes him the prime target of the others! Yuki's life is bound to get much, much more interesting...
My interest in time travel stories is well documented, and this one adds the element of "there can be only one" -- but what if they have a future diary too? Very interesting concept, and so it went on the list.

C3: Yachi is resistant to curses, and his father is some sort of explorer who sends all sorts of cursed stuff back home to Yachi (so he can dispose of the curses?). One day Yachi receives a black cube, which of course turns into a (naked) blue-haired girl. She is quite powerful but couples that with a shocking lack of common sense, destroying the house in a single day!
Completely unfunny, with tsundere and moe characters that we have seen before thousands of times. Boring.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: It's the future of some alternate history, with floating city-states that remind one of the sengoku era. There's a little talk about the rules and diplomacy between the cities, but the rest of the first episode is about a bunch of students, all with their own fighting techniques, trying to catch their teacher.
A bewildering number of characters are shown, and the whole episode is rather light on actual content. Seems like lighthearted fluff that we just couldn't get into.

Maken-Ki!: Takeru is glad to enter an easy school with an assured path to a college. He even gets to live on campus and gets to see his childhood friend Haruko who grew up quite nicely. But apparently the school features some sort of on-going martial arts competition with students being categorised according to the four elements and something like stealing power from the ones you defeated -- or something like that. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, because the sheer number of pantyshots overwhelmed me. So if you like your harem anime mixed with fighting, this is right up your alley...

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!: There's this school where the classes gain prestige by defeating each other on the battlefield (with weapons that for some reason don't do any real damage) -- all styled after the clans of the sengoku era. Yamato, the tactician of his class, manages to pull a narrow victory in a fight against a class with vastly more prestige and resources. It turns out that he needs to become the prime minister of the country in order to gain the love of his childhood friend...
Quite contrived, and all we get to see is lots of kids fighting. There's no reason to grow attached to any one of them, because they're just one of many.

(There is still more, but I'm saving those for later.)
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