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Finished series: La Corda d'Oro

We've finished watching La Corda d'Oro. My first episode review is here.

An 'oldie' (from the fall season of 2006), and it shows. Based on a shoujo manga. Main character is Kahoko Hino, who is in her second year of highschool. One day, she sees a fairy on the school grounds (the same fairy of which a statue stands in front of the school). The fairy is delighted, and promises to bless her with the power of music, because that's what he had promised to the founder of the school who rescued him many years ago. You see, the school Kahoko attends is divided into a 'music section' and a 'general section' -- and Kahoko attends the general section. She's not interested in music.
But then the participants of the school concours are announced -- and to everyone's surprise, Kahoko's name is on the list. She is ushered into a practice room and there the fairy presents her with a magical violin. She just has to think of the music, and her fingers will automatically play it! With this, she can participate in the concours.

The other participants are, of course, handsome boys (with the exception of Fuyuumi, but she only serves as a wallflower to emphasise Kahoko's sparkling personality). And of course, all boys have their own problems that they, for some reason, talk about with Kahoko. Meanwhile, she has her own problems (isn't using magic cheating?), nearly gives up playing the violin but emerges strengthened in her resolve to master the violin on her own terms.

The series plays by the book. There are hardly any surprising plot twists: if you've seen more than two shoujo series, you know what to expect. The plot, the direction, the characters, it's all there just as it's supposed to be. Visually, the series isn't very inspiring (especially when compared with the current level of visuals), but that's not what you should watch this series for.

Good points:
- Simple, straightforward shoujo series.
Bad points:
- Plays by the numbers, not very innovative.

All in all, it was fun. I'll give it a 6.5.
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