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More Dragon Age

I've finished Dragon Age: Awakenings. A fun expansion, where you have to rebuild an arl-dom and mop up two rivaling Darkspawn gangs -- with some more info on some of the inner workings of the Darkspawn, as well as a nice excusion into the Fade. Lots of good content, and there are some variants that you can choose, giving a good replay value. It took me some 11 hours to get through the expansion. And I liked most of the companions (though no romance). I really enjoyed getting on the good side of Nathaniel Howe, the son of the man who killed my father, and who was out for my blood. (I made him a Grey Warden instead.)

I've also downloaded the Witch Hunt expansion. That was a total let-down. Only a few hours of play-time, through locations that you've already been to in the main game, with a simple re-hashing. It took me less than 3 hours to complete the quest, and the conclusion didn't reveal anything about what was happening. The companions were a bit bland too. Waste of time and money!

And after that, I played through the other five origin stories. It's fun to see echoes of the origin stories back in the game (with a few differences, of course). I found the Dwarven ones rather unpleasant -- but that's my own egalitarian worldview speaking. The Dalish Elf origin story is the most mysterious, the Human Noble is the 'easiest'.
And now I'm going through the game again, as an Elf Mage. Playing a mage as a main character is a lot of fun so far.
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