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Sep. 20th, 2011 @ 08:17 pm Finished series: Fortune Arterial
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We've finished watching Fortune Arterial. My first episode review is here.

Kouhei has been moving around for most of his school life, so he never formed any connection with his classmates -- he would be moving away soon anyway. But when he enters a boarding school in a town he lived before, he knows he'll be spending the next two years there, so he is a lot more open to the people he meets. Among those are Haruna and Kanade, the two sisters who he befriended back then, but also Iori, the president of the student association and his sister Erika, the vice-president.

Iori and Erika are... vampires. And apparently Kouhei has special blood that makes him quite appealing to vampires. But Erika would love thing more than to be a normal girl. She refuses to suck blood, relying on transfusion blood packs instead. But when Kouhei becomes part of the student association, their contact intensifies (all through the machinations of Iori). And Erika is having a hard time keeping her instincts in check.
Then it is revealed that her mother allowed her to attend the school under the condition that she will make a servant for herself. Servants are basically ghouls: humans who drank vampire blood and hence gained immortality and superior strength, while having to obey the commands of their vampires. Obviously, Erika doesn't want to do so -- but that gets her into trouble with her mother. And Kouhei is willing to subject himself to ghoulification. In a showdown with Erika's mother, he manages to pry Erika away from her mothers clutches.

And in the end, nothing much happens. OK, Erika is back at school and determined to make things work, but then the series ends and we'll have to take her word for it.

As harem anime go, it's not that bad. The relationship between Kouhei and the girls that surround him is pretty normal, and while there is the Token Guy Friend, he's not as idiotic as usual. There are some stereotypes (of course), but overall the personalities are not as one-dimensional as you sometimes encounter.
The designs are OK -- it's obvious that this series didn't have a huge budget, but it's certainly not bad. Don't expect ground-breaking animation though.

Good points:
- Relatively normal personalities with relatively normal interactions;
- Interesting premise.
Bad points:
- No resolution.

All in all, a nice short series to while some time away -- but don't expect anything groundbreaking. I'll give it a 6.5.
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