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I've not updated in a while, so here's a quick rundown of the Adventures of Fub(TM) this past week:

Thursday, I went to the dentist to have my tooth fixed. A piece had broken off on friday, and I had an appointment for 15:00. I left work at 14:30 and arrived at 14:55. I hadn't even installed myself in the waiting room yet, or I was called into the practice room. The dentist looked, mumbled appreciatively (the break was clean, so no heavy-duty drilling was required) and proceeded to fill the gap. He did a check on the rest of my teeth, but there was nothing wrong with them.
And at 15:05, I was standing outside again.
I cheated a bit and went home to drink a cup of tea with klik and Hilde, a friend of hers. Got back at work at 16:00.

Thursday was also the last lesson of the writing course. However, the whole group has decided to keep meeting regularly: every two weeks, on a thursday. I look forward to the next meeting!
Continuation of the time travel story in another post...

Friday was pretty uneventful. We went to bed early, because saturday was Geekfest 2.0 -- I've written about that in some other post, so I won't repeat all that here.

Sunday, I went to play in the D&D-campaign. I had missed the second session (I was ill at the time). It took jangerben and me some time to find Dennis' house in a newly-built neighbourhood of Cuijk -- a veritable maze of streets called "Gele Lis" or "Meidoorn"... We were horribly late (I wanted to be there at 12:00, but it was more like 12:30), but we were the first to arrive!
jangerben had lost his character sheet, so first his character had to be reconstructed. Then it was back to the adventure. It's a typical dungeon crawl, we're helping some Kobolds retrieving their pet (baby-)dragon that had been kidnapped by Goblins that lived, literally, right next door. Apparently, our group killed a few of their fighters, but could rest up at the Kobolds' place for four days without any Goblins enquiring whether they harboured a group of adventurers that slaughtered a squad of their soldiers. As jangerben remarked on the way home, it's quite like a computer-RPG...
We did the dungeon-crawl routine: check for traps, open a door, check the room, etc etc etc. We found the dragon, but it was semi-feral and attacked everyone who came close. Dennis and jangerben went back to fetch the Kobold dragon-keeper (who might be more succesfull in dealing with the beast), while Onno and I stayed behind to guard the dragon. In came a group of Goblins and Hobgoblins, and a big fight ensued -- in the end, we were subdued, but not before we were able to take down quite a number of the attackers. In the end, we were 'traded' for the Evil Book and safe passage to the outside. Seems the Goblins wanted to move, because they were getting sick and tired of dealing with the Diabolical Botanists downstairs (where the magical apples came from) and the Kobolds on this level. We alerted the Kobolds, and a big fight ensued -- the two groups basically murdered each other out, leaving their treasures in our reach. That worked out nicely, except for a bit of hassle with the Goblin shaman and four of his henchmen. In the end, we got the Evil Book back (which made our Paladin happy) and kicked 'em out of the tower.

Then there was something with a crypt and stuff like that, but I didn't really pay any attention to that part, because by that time, Dennis' daughter Amber had decided that she should sit in my lap and admire the contents of my dice-bag. Yes, I have a lot of dice, and I keep it in the bag that klik made for me... Geek all the way, baby!
Amber was very sweet and well-behaved: she asked permission before taking any of the candy we had brought (seems she likes Pocky too!) and didn't disrupt the session at all. I don't know how long she sat on my lap, but I guess it must be about half an hour. I had typical four-year-old conversations with her (about dice, shapes and colors -- and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't have any grandparents anymore, so I just skimmed that issue).

Then, just past 18:00, the session was over. Jan-Willem, the GM, suddenly announced that he had to go. He has a three-week old son at home, so that made sense, but he seemed dissapointed by our lack of progress. Well, yes, we don't go through the plot that fast, but then again: it's a dungeon crawl, so it's not like you get to do any really interesting roleplaying. I just rolled my big yellow D20 a lot, my character was more like a playing piece than a character.

There was one thing that I noticed and that surprised me: both Jan-Willem and Dennis have little kids (daughters, both of 'em, both about 4 years old), and they allow them in the room while we play. Now, these children are not pre-sentient: they know what's going on around them, and they react to the things they hear. And the things they hear is us talking about killing monsters with one blow, about blood spattering the walls, about dragons attacking us and about Evil Books.
Later, when Amber had to fetch her PJs, she tried to chicken out of it, by saying that she was afraid because there would be monsters in the bathroom. Dennis and his wife dismissed that ploy, saying that she just tried to get out of it by saying she didn't dare do it. But where did this child get the idea of monsters trying to hurt people? I'm not a parent and I'm not the GM -- I don't think it's my place to point this out to the various parents in the group. But if I were the parent and/or the GM, I wouldn't allow little children around when I was playing, or the scenarios would have to be a lot tamer!
Not that I think Amber will be scarred for life, but I don't think a description of how blood runs out of a Goblin's mouth, nose and ears after having received a 'blessing' of the priest's mace is appropriate for a four-year old. Even if they're not paying attention.

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