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The weekend

We've spent lots of time playing with the Wii (klik playing Twilight Princess) and the PS3 (me playing Dragon Age: Origins). And in between that, I finished making the covers for the booklets of usmu's poems -- finally. It seemed like a lot of work (and it was), but it's a matter of "apply butt to chair and work", which we just hadn't done because there were other things to do. Now all that's left is to make the limited edition covers (obviously with a different type of paper), but that's not much work.

In Dragon Age, I set the difficulty to 'Casual', because I was tired of getting slaughtered during any given random encounter. I play the game for the story, to see what's in there, and for the adventure -- not to carefully balance armour and weaponry. I'm just not hardcore like that, and I'm glad there's this difficulty setting at all. Though truth be told: 'Casual' is hardly any challenge. Fights are over almost as soon as they start. A tad more difficult would be OK too.
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