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Dragon Age: Origins, first thoughts

A week ago, I bought Dragon Age: Origins, for EUR 15 at a second hand game store. I had heard good things about it, and I wanted to play some games again. I'm pretty pleased with the game, though it is a bit too finnicky for my tastes. There's all sorts of things that you have to take into account, like flanking and stuff like that -- nice for a turn-based tactical game, but this is an action RPG. So you have to either keep switching from the action view to a more tactical view, or you just have to hack your way through the enemies. (Guess which one I'm employing for as long as I can?)
I also like the rating system for the approval of your party members. Their outlooks on life are sometimes so dissimilar that you can't keep them all happy. Some of the response you can give in the dialogue are pretty stupid, though. And the sidequests are amusing, though sometimes also confusing. It's not always apparent where you have to go or how you can 'solve' a quest.

So playing the game is pretty neat, but getting to that point was a bit of a hassle. When I first started the game, it contacted the 'Dragon Age Servers' and started downloading lots of patches which took forever to install. And when I start the game, I get a non-skippable sequence of title screens, and the game insists contacting EA's servers again to check for downloadable content, which is slow and takes time. Why not check the first time, and then re-check when I'm actually interested in the DLC? But no, this has to be done every time I start the game -- suppose I miss an extension! The horror!
Also, I'm not spending EUR 15 on a game and then shelling out EUR 7 for a downloadable expansion. At least, not in my first play-through!

And klik bought Zelda Twilight Princess second hand, and now we have too few TVs at home. ;)
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