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Stuff I read

Some stuff I read:

Akira, the complete set of 6 volumes. "Epic" doesn't even begin to describe it. It is different from the movie, which was directed by the writer himself -- but it is easy to find where some elements in the movie came from. I found the whole idea of the New Tokyo Empire quite intriguing. And the drawings are simply incredible: lots of architectural shots and great detail. If you like the movie, go read the manga, because it will enhance your understanding (and appreciation) of the movie. Kaneda is still an idiot, though. But it is his boneheaded bravoura that saves the day, eventually.

King of RPG's, the first two volumes. It's fun enough, but I'm not sure I like the idea of playing someone's schizophrenia for laughs. Also, I very much dislike people being a complete game-breaking asshole under the guise of "but that's what my character is like!" I'm not certain that I'll be buying the next volumes.

Wandering Son, the first volume. Interesting to read, after seeing the series. The story-telling feels a bit abstracted and rushed, though -- characters look alike, backgrounds are sparse, etcetera. The book itself is completely gorgeous, though.

De theorie van de zandkorrel, both volumes. From the "Duistere steden" series, so lots of weirdness and architecture. Excellent use of color, very detailed pen drawings. Lovely books, like all of the albums in the series, with links to the previous albums as well.

Lower Regions, a blood-soaked dungeon crawl with no dialogue and an actual plot. Very amusing!

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