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Jade Regent booklet

We've finished printing the poetry collection by usmu quite some time ago -- but the books themselves still aren't finished. Making one is just a bit of work, but if you have to make 50, the scale of things is quite big! Glueing 7 x 50 strips of paper together, making 100 covers... It all adds up. Still, we're making progress there, so that's good.

Meanwhile, our semi-monthly D&D campaign will switch to Pathfinder (a variant of D&D3.5) -- more specifically, the Jade Regent 'Adventure Track'. The Player's Guide of that just came out, and I downloaded it and fiddled (a lot!) to make it into a booklet.

I used a cahier-binding (because it's 28 pages, so only 7 sheets of paper), with very thick cardstock from De Middelste Molen, a traditional papermill. The stock looks like it's a bit marbled, which I like a lot.

(I still haven't read the Player's Guide yet, but hey -- at least it's in an attractive booklet!)
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