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Finished series: Level E

We've finished watching Level E. My first episode review is here.

Yukitaka finds a man in his apartment who claims to have lost his memory -- but he does know that he is an alien. And it just so happens that something mysterious had crash-landed in the forest near the city earlier... And then the man produces weird alien artifacts -- but Yukitaka isn't too keen on having him stay!

The series has been compared to Men in Black -- but it's not quite that. Sure, the basic- set-up is that aliens are on Earth (or, more precisely, in Japan (where else?)) but that we don't know about them. But it's the aliens themselves who cover up their existence. And this amnesiac? He is actually the crown-prince of a galactic empire, and he is always plotting something. I don't want to give it away too much, but he sees other people/beings merely as a source of entertainment for himself -- so he manipulates everyone around him (sometimes quite subtle, sometimes less so) to have them do things he thinks are entertaining. So there's the 'test of loyalty' for his underlings, the building of a Sentai-team from grade-school boys, etcetera.
The whole series is quite a mess, plot-wise. There are several plot-arcs, but they're mostly quite shallow and rarely touch on each other (other than the fact that they mostly start off with Prince Baka (yes, that's his name) playing some prank on someone. However, they're mostly pretty amusing, and we weren't bored at all watching the series. Just leave any thoughts of Men in Black or X-Files behind -- this is just for the lulz.
The ending story arc shows Prince Baka being out-plotted and hence being tamed -- a very satisfying end for this schemer!

Visually, the series isn't bad, but it didn't wow us either. The comic timing of the voice actors is pretty good, though.

Good points:
- Quite amusing;
- Satisfying ending.
Bad points:
- Shallow, unconnected plot-lines.

We've had a good time watching Level E, with a lot of snickering. I'll give it a 7.5.
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