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Finished series: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

We've finished watching Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. My first episode review is here.

Matoko starts to live with his aunt, because of his parents' frequent transferrals for work. It turns out that Matoko has a cousin named Erio -- a weird girl who wraps herself in a futon and lies around the house. His aunt completely ignores her and avoids Matoko's questions about her. It turns out that Erio dissapeared for a while and was found floating in the ocean, without any memory of what had happened. She constructed a narrative for herself that she was an alien sent to watch this town -- hence not having any recollection of what happened.

Matoko takes pity on her and, through a rather forceful experiment, he convinces her that she is a human and not an alien at all. Erio tries to take up a normal life by taking up a job at a general store to help granny (I'm guessing Makoto and Erio's great-grandmother) who is obsessed with aliens as well. This time it's Matoko's aunt who arranges a display of fireworks to chase off the aliens.
And then there's Makoto's inability to give something his full effort -- which he overcomes with the help of his sort-of girlfriend.

It's made by SHAFT, and it does have a lot of SHAFT-isms. Some people won't like the series because of it (and it's starting to irritate me too), but if you look beyond the usual otaku-bait, there's actually quite a bit of plot and theme packed into this show -- you just have to want to look for it.
Visually, the series is quite polished -- as we have come to expect of SHAFT. I really liked the opening and ending songs too!

Good points:
- Polished, starts of weird;
- Underlying themes.
Bad points:
- Lots of SHAFTisms.

All in all, I enjoyed watching it -- but it isn't by any means essential. A 7.
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