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Finished series: To Aru Majutsu no Index II

We've finished watching To Aru Majutsu no Index II. My first episode review is here.

I was really impressed with the tight plotting of the previous offerings of the same setting. But in this series, nothing of that remains: it is a series of plots by the Roman Catholic church, that science-hating bunch, to get rid of Academy City once and for all! And it's always Touma and his rag-tag gang of friends (be it from the Anglican Church or some Japanese christian sect) who get caught up in the middle and have to set things right -- often by punching the villains in the face.
The plots are also pretty thin: most of it is 'solved' by lots of running around after the bad guys and strategically deus ex machina who point to the right direction. And when Touma catches up with the mastermind of the plot-du-jour, he goes into full street fighter mode. That means that he doesn't mind throwing an all-out punch to the face of his adversary -- often a woman. (Which is different from most shounen series: raw violence against women is rare.)
There are some characters from previous series that play a role in this series, but nobody is given an introduction -- not even super-minor characers. That means we didn't really have a connection to these peripheral characters (or even remembered what their thing was). Of course, the Misaka's are back, as is Accelerator -- unpleasant as always.

There didn't seem to be any unity in the plot or the stories or even the characters anymore -- just the usual running/shouting/fighting stuff, with some fights being quite unpleasant to watch. And that's a damn shame for a series whose two previous incarnations wowed me with their tight plotting. As it is, it barely scraped by -- I give it a 5.5.
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