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Finished series: Kora wa Zombie Desu ka?

We've finished watching Kora wa Zombie Desu ka? My first episode review is here.

Ayumu was killed by a serial killer which prowls his neighbourhood. Luckily, he was revived by Eucliwood Hellscythe, a necromancer who lives with him -- which makes Ayumu a zombie. And then he encounters Haruna, a Magiclad Girl, who battles 'Megalo' monsters with her trusty chainsaw Mystletain. However, Ayumu ends up sealing away her magic (and clothes, of course), so she has no choice but to stay at his house. And then Seraphim, a vampire ninja, turns up to ask Eucliwood to come with her to her village on some errand, which Eu refuses. So Sera ends up staying too.

And so begins some sort of tsundere harem anime, with some rather bizarre events. The series has two 'arcs': one where Ayumu searches for the serial killer and gains an insight into the true nature of Eu, and one where Eu dissapears and the rest tries to find her. But the plot is rather thin -- the series is more about pantyshots and how Ayumu gets pound to a pulp and gets up again. There are some funny moments, but mostly the series left us wondering just what the hell we just watched... The last episode is a complete WTF.

Much more care has gone into the female character designs than the male ones -- Ayumu and his loser friend Otori look kinda basic, while every detail (especially T&A) of the females is rendered in glorious detail... The voice acting is OK.

Good points:
- Rather random, if that's your thing;
- Looks OK;
- At least some plot.
Bad points:
- Rather random, if that's not your thing.

All in all, I'll give it a 5.5 -- at least the series doesn't take itself seriously.
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