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Some more graphic novels

I've been reading more graphic novels -- I just like the art form. In New York, we visited the Forbidden Planet store, and got some interesting wares. One was The Trials of Sir Christopher by Colleen Frakes. It collects two NaNoWriMo products -- the quality isn't on par with offerings where the authors had more time, and the story meanders quite a bit. But it's fun an interesting, even though it doesn't really have a happy end.

The other one was Red Snow by Katsumata, a collection of supernatural manga stories. It has the same melancholic feel as Tatsumi's work, but set in an almost mythical pre-war rural period whereas Tatsumi's work is set in an early post-war urban period. And as usual, not many of the stories have a happy ending either...

And we picked up two more collections of Lucifer, a comic that is a continuation (of sorts) of The Sandman. Main character is Lucifer, who is running a jazz bar in LA after giving up his job as lord of Hell -- as detailed in The Sandman. It's an interesting read for sure, and quite epic at times!

I also borrowed the whole Bone collection from gertvr. The art is pretty: stark black-and-white, but with so much character and depth! And the story starts out as pretty regular, but then it gradually opens up to reveal a truly epic scope! (I wasn't very satisified with the ending though, but I have that a lot these days. ;) )

I've also ordered the six volumes of Akira. I haven't finished those completely yet -- but it's fascinating to see the differences between the manga and the movie, and see where some of the seemingly more 'random' elements of the movie came from.

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