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Jun. 9th, 2011 @ 09:36 pm Finished series: Star Driver
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We've finished watching Star Driver. My first episode review is here.

On an island with pretty much only a high school, there are four priestess maiden. They exist to seal away machines called 'Cybodies', which can stop time and give their 'owners' special powers. However, the Glittering Cross, a loose alliance of four different groups, wants to break the seals of the maidens so that they can break out of 'Zero Time'. One of those maidens is Wako, who is engaged to Sugata, who carries the mark of a Cybody and who isn't a member of the Glittering Cross.
One day, Takuto appears, and he becomes fast friends with Wako and Sugata -- with an uncomfortable triangle relationship as a result. And he bears the mark of a Cybody as well: he can summon Tauburn, the "Galactic Pretty Boy" Cybody. He vows to protect Wako: with him standing guard over her, her seal can't be broken and the plans of the Glittering Cross can't advance!

The series strongly reminded us of Revolutionary Girl Utena. There is a deeper meaning behind it all, if you look beyond the 'mecha fight of the week' pattern and the awkward teenage romance. However, it isn't all spelled out -- and, like with Utena, it doesn't even surface unless you look closely.
But even when taken at face value, it's a pretty amusing series. The Glittering Cross is quite ridiculous: Takuto's classmates thing that by donning a skimpy mask and even skimpier clothes, they become unrecognisable by others -- and it even works! There are some machinations between the groups as well, but mostly the members try to jockey for position to defeat Takuto -- but of course it always fails.
The ending was not to my tastes, but it did make for closure.

Visually, the series is servicable. The CGI is quite OK, but it does stand out next to the cell animation. And speaking of service: there's plenty of fanservice (especially with the revealing 'disguises' of the Glittering Cross). The voice acting is OK, but this being a shounen series it's a bit shouty.

Good points:
- Multi-layered story;
- Amusing, light-hearted story-telling.
Bad points:
- "Cybody of the week";
- The ending.

All in all, a 7. Amusing, but not the best of the season by a long shot.
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