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New anime: Futari wa PreCure

We checked out the first episode of Futari wa PreCure, as an antidote against Berserk, of sorts.
It's a magical girl anime, with two girls (one is the sporty type, the other the studious type) who mysteriously acquire a mobile phone of sorts. Inside the phones live tiny creatures, who coach the girls! You see, when they swipe one of the cards that came with the phone through the data-slot, they transform! They have to fight against a mysterious guy (with great hair, by the way) who can summon elemental spirits.
That's about it. They transform, kick ass, and turn back into their normal selves again -- I guess the explanations are to come in the second episode... It's probably the standard "bad guys want something, but the forces of good chose these girls to fight the good fight!"-plot again (like Sailor Moon, Tokyo MewMew and dozens of others)...

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