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More new anime

More new anime:

Hanasaku Iroha: Ohana's mother runs off with her boyfriend, and she sends her to her grandmother to live. However, granny has broken all ties with her daughter, and so her Ohana will have to work as a maid in the ryokan her grandmother runs -- to earn her keep! Needless to say, this is not what Ohana had in mind, but she has no choice. And she soon finds out that she has little experience with working in the real world -- she doesn't really make a good first impression!
Well-drawn, interesting setting!

Dog Days: Middle school student Shinku gets summoned to a magical land, where battles are 'fought' with athletic games. Shinku has to save the kingdom of Biscotti from losing all their resources -- luckily, he is a star in athletics and acrobatics.
Yes, the series is as weird as it sounds. That wouldn't be bad if it was interesting, but it isn't: rather drab, standard shounen fare.

Hyouge Mono: Set in the Sengoku era, when Oda Nobunaga ruled the land. Main character is Sasuke, who acts as Oda's messenger in battles. However, even though he has a lowly rank, Sasuke dreams of making promotion -- but on the other hand, he craves to surround himself with stylish, beautiful things. This leads to amusing situations on the battlefield, as Sasuke risks his life to save a legendary teapot an adversary had on him...
The animation is quite basic, but it's very amusing. It shows a different aspect of the Sengoku era...

Happy Kappy: Kinoshita is a painfully perky grade-school girl (with the squeaky voice to match) who one day finds a bracelet. This releases Kappy, the prince of the kingdom of Kapibaras, from captivity! And he can do magic! And together, they turn into some sort of magical girl/talking animal combo! And even though it features a Kapibara (an animal that I am very fond of), we were happy it was over!

Ai Shoujo Polyanna Monogatari: Retro-sub. Polyanna lives with her father, the vicar, in a small American town. She is a bit of an airhead, with no worries on her mind -- except that the women of the village (who look after Polyanna since her mother died) think she should be more concerned about her manners and learning things like sewing. And her father has a heart condition, so you can see the plot coming from miles away. It would help if I could feel sympathy for the main character, but like the well-meaning but overbearing women, I wanted to slap some sense in her.

Break Blade: Actually a series of movies. Set in a fantasy world where humans have magic powers to manipulate quartz crystals. All engines and power is based on this power -- including mecha (using air-pressure guns). But Rygart never manifested this power, so he is left on the side of society. His father sent him to a military academy, where he befriended the crownprince of the country, as well as a boy from a neighbouring country. And then war beaks out between the two countries, and a mysterious mech is found that only Rygart can pilot...
It's a bit of a typical set-up, but I like the Escaflowne-like atmosphere. The combination of military tactics and political manoevering appeals to me.

A Channel: Tooru likes Run, but Run is a year older. So when Run goes to highschool, Tooru studies very hard to also make the entrance exam. However, Run has made other friends at her new school, and that takes some getting used to by Tooru -- but Run is completely oblivious to this. One of her friends is having an especially hard time with Tooru, because Tooru sees her as her competition. Oh, and they're all girls, of course.
Light-hearted bishoujo fluff. Not that original, but if you like the genre...

Seikai Ichi Hatsukoi: Ritsu was an editor at his father's publishing company, but when his success was attributed to his family connections, he quit to prove that he could make it on his own. Now he is employed by another publisher, but instead of the literary branch, he has been assigned to the shoujo manga department, which has been very succesfull lately. The department is staffed only with men, who are very cheerful at the beginning of each cycle, but who get progressively more crusty as the deadlines approach... And the biggest weirdo of them all is the chief editor, who seems to bully Ritsu in leaving...
It's yaoi, but yaoi with an actual backstory and character development. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku: I think it says something about the state of Japanese society when there is a need for a guidebook for men in their thirties who have never had a relationship with a woman. (Not that there are such men -- I know a few myself -- but that they have no-one to talk to about this.) And this anime is based on the guidebook...
Hayao is our 30-year old virgin, and when he turn 30, the god Daigouro descends from heaven to help him build up a relationship with a woman. Daigouro is pretty zany, but the advice he dispends is well-meant and genuine. Still, it wasn't for us.

(More to follow.)
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