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Note to self:

How to make a DVD from the MPEG2-stream recorded by the PCTV Deluxe:
- Read it in in TMPGenc;
- Set keyframes manually (let TMPGenc determine the keyframes first, then insert additional keyframes as needed);
- 'Zoom out' the picture to take overscan into account;
- Recompress the video;
- Read in the resulting video;
- Cut the commercials out of the video;
- Demultiplex.

It's relatively simple, but it took me a few tries to discover this. The first DVD that I made like this was Marielle's present to my mother-in-law: a DVD of the movie 'Shirley Valentine', her favourite movie. It's apparently unavailable anywhere on DVD (or perhaps it has never been issued on DVD), but Marielle had a VHS tape. She was very happy with it, and I now know that their DVD player plays both DVD+RW as DVD-RW -- might be useful information for the future.

And I used the animation sol_nuada made for me as front-loading intro ("Fub DVD Encodes") -- I had to strech the sound a bit, but that only made it sound more deeper and more impressive. 8D

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