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Printing press pics

I'll just post some of the nice photos that klik made from the whole printing stuff!

The press

The press: an Adana eight-five.

Ink goes on the disc on top. When you press the handle, the rollers go over the disc (which turns to get an even coat) and are inked that way. Then they roll over the thing-to-be-printed and finally the paper (which is placed on the brown paper) is pressed onto that. The iron thing in between is there to ensure the paper doesn't stick to the inked plates.

Another pic outside, better lighting there.

The workshop of Hans Jacobi, with his Adana in the foreground -- mine's in the back. His press is a bit newer: it has some plastic parts that are metal on mine. He also has a small third roller to roll out the ink more evenly.

The letters

Close-up of the pack of letters. This is the 14pt Roos Romein.

Gracia on top and to the right. I think the left bottom one is Rondo.

More close-ups of Gracia.

As you can see, some of these letters never saw ink!


Letters stored in a small plastic container with dividers...

Which themselves are stored in a case...

With markers to show what's where.
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