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I've participated in a buying combination. Together with a lot of other people I ordered something from Techcase.de. I ordered:
- VIA EPIA M10000 mobo;
- 256 MB of RAM;
- Serenti 2000 case;
- Infra-red module.
I still have a 40 GB HDD lying around, and I'm going to get me one of those Pioneer Slot-in DVD-ROM drives to complete my mini-computer.

The VIA EPIA mobo's come with a processor (in this case, the VIA Nehemiah) already soldered on the board. The board's really small (17x17 cm), and the chip stays relatively cool while running at a clockspeed of 1GHz -- it can be cooled with a modest heatsink and a 5cm fan. Because things stay cool, you don't need the noisy cooling you need to modern systems, which makes it ideal for HTPC applications. Almost everything is integrated in the chipset on the mobo itself: GPU, network, sound, USB, even firewire!

I'm currently busy writing a media-player program. It will play music, video (MPEG and DivX), DVD and internet radio, and I'll be able to control it all using a remote control. If things work out, I might even invest in a CompactFlash-IDE adapter and burn the OS (WinXP) onto a CompactFlash card to speed up boot-times. And perhaps a web-application that lets me control the music player (including the SkyAmp-functionality, of course!) via a browser from one of the other machines.

Anyway, I can hardly wait until my package arrives -- but it'll take another 2 weeks, I guess.

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