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Last Saturday, we spent four hours in the car to visit someone who was willing to sell us letters for the press. He and his wife were very friendly and quite a bit geeky in a 'printer' sort of way. Most of the people who are selling their printing stuff are printing geeks and well past middle-aged. He was no exception.

We got lots of tips and hints, and lots of extra stuff. At one moment, he asked me: "Is there anything else you need?" To which I replied: "I don't know. Is there anything else I need?" Yes, there certainly was! So we left with the five fonts and some extra 'white', four extra quoins, and the promise that he would make some packages of the 'white' I need to fill out the lines for my fonts.
We put it all in the trunk of the car (carefully! You don't want all the letters to become mixed up!) and rode home. I had thought to put the fonts on a tray and carry them inside that way -- but I couldn't lift the tray with all the fonts on it! It was just that heavy...
Yesterday, klik bought a box at the HEMA to store the letters -- it seems to work, and I don't have the room (or the funds!) to invest in an 'official' letter-chest. We'll be storing the letters in those.

I'm also working on a site for my small printing press, in Dutch. I'll link to it here when I have actually printed something.
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