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Finished series: Otome Youkai Zakuro

We've finished watching Otome Youkai Zakuro. My first episode review is here.

Zakuro is a 'half-spirit': the result of a union between a human and a spirit, scorned by both worlds. She and her three friends live in Tokyo, in a house managed by spirits. The day-to-day business is overseen by Kushimatsu, a fox spirit. To improve the relations between the spirits and the humans, three army luitenants are dispatched to the house, which has been turned into the Ministry of Spirit Affairs. They are teamed up with the half-spirit girls, and Zakuro is teamed up with Agemaki -- who is actually quite afraid of spirits! To make matters worse, Zakuro is thoroughly un-impressed with the so-called 'Jesuit practices' like wearing shoes and drinking milk with your breakfast -- and she is quite vocal in her opposition.

And, as you can expect when you mix dashing young men with cute young girls, romance is in the air. But Zakuro (who is actually the most powerful of the bunch) does the tsundere thing, which doesn't help (while her friends are very busy being completely infatuated with their handsome soldiers).
The team gets contacted by civilians and the military to clear up mischievous spirits -- and while the humans are looking to get rid of them, the half-spirits use their powers to restore the balance between the two world. Nothing earth-shattering, but interesting 'haunting of the week'-type plots.

But there is a grand plot, involving the Village of the Oracles, where the half-spirits are 'created' and used as slaves! Zakuro and her friends were taken from that place, and the amulet Zakuro wears (a gift from her mother) is actually to dull her powers so she can remain hidden for the village chieftain, who has dark plans for her!
In the last few episodes, that pull together plot threads from the previous episodes quite nicely, the team has to take on the sorcerers of the village to save Zakuro!

Don't expect to be wowed by either the visuals or the voice acting (though the ending songs are pretty neat), but it's all nice enough. The character designs are pretty neat, though, and the character development is nice too (though there isn't really much time to go all-out with that).

Good points:
- Nice character designs;
- Interesting premise.
Bad points:
- Spirit-of-the-week plotting at the start.

It's definately not a high-flyer, but it's not bad either. I'll give it a 7.
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