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Energy safety?

We know that nuclear power plants are ridiculously over-specified to be able to withstand forces that are very unlikely to occur. The current situation in Japan would not have occured if the mobile diesel generators had the right kind of plug, not because of the quake. In fact, as far as I can determine from the information available to me, all safety systems worked like they were supposed to.
This whole thing is being used by the anti-nuclear lobby to point to the dangers of nuclear power -- even though everything went right during and right after the quake.

I live close to a power plant. I don't know what it burns to generate the electricity -- but there is always a large smoke plume visible. Weurt, the small village that's next to the power plant, has a statistically higher number of cancer-related deaths. But of course there has never been a scientific link between the power plant and the cancer (but hey, if the anti-lobby's vague feelings of unrest are a reason to change policy, mine should too).
I don't know what measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the plant. I don't know if it could withstand a plane crashing on top of it. If it blows up, there will probably be a huge cloud of god-knows-what descending on the whole city. Or what's left of it, anyway.

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