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New anime...

So we decided to check out the first episode of two new anime series that are being fansubbed right now.

First up was Divergence EVE. It's a science fiction series, and we see various people running around some sort of space station that seems to have been built around a typical Star Trek-like space anomaly. We didn't like this one: there' s lots of CG ("Oooh, look! We can render the spaceships really photo-realistically!" "But the movement is really crappy, and it doesn't really match up with the drawn parts!" "Oh shut up! Will you just look at all the pretty light effects we made!?") and the character designs are... I don't know. I mean, there's nothing wrong with breasts on women, but this is overdoing it. As someone on IRC said: "The girl enters the room a week after her breasts did.". (They all suffer from the Macho Women With Guns disadvantage "Top Heavy"...)
I don't think I'll be downloading this any more.

Next was NARUTARU. I had to look at the series name twice, because at first I read it as 'Naruto', which it isn't. It's about a girl who, while staying at her grandparents on some semi-tropical island, meets a sea-star like creature (which she names 'Hosimaru' ("round star")) when she nearly drowns while swimming out of the bay. The creature saves her, and when she goes back home she take him with her.
It's pretty wacky: Hosimaru can turn in some sort of flying surf board, and he simply doesn't speak (which is a plus, of course: we don't want another cute monster shouting "Pika! Pika!" all the time). There's a slight hint of things to come as we see a sea dragon emerge from the sea, with a girl standing on top of him.
I think we'll watch this one: it's pretty formulaic but fun, with nice character designs.

Earlier on, we checked out two episodes of Wandaba Style. This is about a group of second-rate idols who are hired out by their sleazy manager to some kid genius. This kid wants to send mankind to the stars, without using polluting things like rocket fuel. While he comes across as smart, he still insists on using ancient Japanese measures and doing all of his calculations with a slide rule. (If this is not an advert for everybody (this means you, Imperial measurements-using Americans and British!) to switch to metrics, I don't know what is).
As you can expect, much wackiness ensues, with one faulty contraption launched after another, the dynamics between the four idols and their manager who tries to have them take their clothes off.
I think we'll watch this one in the future too.

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