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Finished series: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

We've finished watching Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. My first episode review is here.

The Tokugawa are still ruling 'Great Japan'. Muneakira is a student at a prestigious samurai school, but when he enters the dojo of his family on the school grounds, he surprises Yukimura and her servant (who were just getting dressed, of course...). Chased by the 'Armed Discipline Squad', he throws in his lot with the two. There's quite a bit of shouting and fleeing, and then Yuubei falls from the sky (naked, of course), kisses him and proceeds to kick everybody's ass (of which they have plenty). Then she faints and reverts to a ditzy, weak personality...

And so Muneakira starts to live together with Yuubei, Sen (the vice-president of the student council and a princess of the Tokugawa), Yukimura and their servants (Matabei and Hanzou). Along the way, they also pick up various other (female) characters.
The idea is that Muneakira is a general, and by sealing a contract with him (through a kiss, obviously) the girls can become Master Samurai and gain lots of fighting power. Yuubei, Yukimura and Sen all do this, and they have various adventures which have to be resolved by turning into Master Samurai.
And then there is a thin plot about The Shadow That Threatens Great Japan, which is resolved in the end. But that's merely a ploy to provide a stage for the actual theme of the series: tits & ass. There are innumerable panty-shots, and there is always a torn garment or bloiuse that slips off a shoulder to show a naked breast. Of course, that would never do -- so these are tastefully covered with 'ink blots'. At times, most of the screen is obscured by ink blots, making it actually hard to see what's going on!
That would not be too much of a problem if the plot was interesting, but it's not, really. There is very little character development, and the themes get re-churned so many times that by the end they've turned into butter. Most of the action takes place inside the dojo, so it's not like we get to see the rest of Great Japan to see how it turned out. Instead, we get the same exposed busts and behinds over and over and over again.
Suffice to say that we were a bit dissapointed by it all. It could have been interesting-with-pantyshots, but it turned into pantyshots-interspersed-with-bland-harem-anime-plot.

It all looks quite nice, though. The characters are drawn with a art-nouveau-like thick black outline, which I found very appealing. The voice acting is OK, but it's all a bit too shouty for my tastes -- most of the dialogue is actually bickering between the girls.

Good points:
- Uhm....
Bad points:
- It's all about the fanservice, and not much more.

Very dissapointing. I'll give it a 4.
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