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The auction

When rupertdaily died, he left behind him a sizable collection of roleplaying books -- to be measured in meters bookshelf, not by number of books. His widow didn't know what to do with it (because face it, RPG'ing is a bit of a specialised interest) so she contacted people from his (old) gaming club -- which is the one in Nijmegen, that my colleague R. is deeply involved in.

The people of the club got it all to Nijmegen and organised it into lots for an auction -- the proceeds were to go to his widow. The idea being that the books should go to people who get something out of them. There were 42 lots, and I researched a bit to determine what I wanted for how much.

I introduced rupertdaily to RPGing, and back then I used Rolemaster too. So he had quite a bit of Rolemaster material: rulebooks, sourcebooks, companions, and a lot of MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying) modules -- amongst much, much more. But those were the things I was interested in -- and I won most of the lots that I wanted. Often for a much lower price than I was prepared to pay for it, but that's what happens at auctions.
The total amount of the auction was nothing to sneeze at -- but I bet you could have easily gotten twice as much if you had sold the books seperately through Ebay. However, that's a lot of hassle, and making lots of money was not the goal anyway.

I feel... weird. But I'm happy that the collection that rupertdaily worked so hard on to build up, has gone into the hands of the people who appreciate it. Of which I am one.
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