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Using a gilding pen

I promised a notebook to one of my colleagues. I think he's forgotten about it, but in my opinion you can judge a person's character by how well they keep to their promises. So, with my noteobok queue empty, I set out to use one of the lined bookblocks we bought for his notebook. To keep matters interesting for myself, I decided to experiment with a spine with board -- my bookbinding teacher gave me some pointers about that.

He is a bit of a science fiction nerd. And the day we talked about the notebook, there was this situation at the helpdesk (which he was responsible for at the moment) where lots of people were in a panic -- even though the situation seemed to be easily defusable. So when he came back, he asked me to write "Don't panic" on the notebook, with a wink to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

And my bookbinding teacher asked me to put a video online of me using my gilding pen. So saturday I bought a small tripod (one from Kodak, with flexible arms) and I set it up on our dinner table to show how I use my gilding pen to decorate my book covers.

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