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Recommendation booklet

I've made another small book. This time I wanted to practice binding signatures with thread and making a rounded back. I used dark red linen for the back and the corners and some patterned Japanese paper for the cover.

A view of the top of the booklet. You can see the rounded back and the red headband and reading ribbon. But you can also see that the cover is too wide for the book -- I measured the size of the signatures from the furthest point of the rounded back. Instead, I should have used the same measurements as for the flyleaf (with a few millimeters added to create some space between the book and the edge of the cover). Lesson learned...
Also, because I lack a book-shear, the book is a bit ragged at the edges.

Because the boards are too wide, the flyleaf only just covers the edge of the paper...

The idea was to have a handy booklet for the recommendations that you get from other people. You can write down two per page. Because of the vaguaries of my laserprinter, it doesn't line up as perfectly as it should...
Also, in this shot you can see where I ran the thread through the signatures.

All in all, I (re-)learned some things. And I like how it turned out!
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