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Mom's cookbook

My mom has a shelf with a small collection of cookbooks in her kitchen. One of those drew my attention, because it seemed to be held together with duct tape. I suspect it was the cookbook from which she learned to cook from while in school (she went to what was then called the 'huishoudschool' ('housekeeping school')).
Of course, that wouldn't do, and I offered to repair the book for her.

I started by peeling off the duct tape and surveying the mess. I think it used to be a paperback, but the cover had long been lost. The first and last pages were rather torn and tarnished, so I used some Aslan (paper tape for repairing) to patch up the worst signs of wear and tear. The title page was beyond salvation, so I cut a new page and stuck the original on top of it:

You can see that quite a bit was missing... After that, I re-lumbecked everything again into a sturdy bookblock and made a hardcover for it.

A while back, we got a nice piece of bookbinding linen from a bargain bin. It features a marbled paper print, and it seemed like a good fit. With the foil pen, I wrote the title on the front:

The print is a bit... busy. But I don't think mom will mind. The gold that I used for the letters works quite well on this. Unfortunately 'Neerlands' is not straight -- next time I need to take more measurements.

I used the same font size to put the name on the back as well:

The cover is about 3.5 cm wide, to give you a sense of scale. I also added a reading ribbon (though it's a bit on the short side...) and red headband that colors nicely with the linen print.

I think mom used this book quite a bit... And I hope it will stay useful in it's new cover!

(Also, the video of my GM notebook got only a few views. Did it fly under people's radar? Are video's unfun? Should I start embedding them?)
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