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Graphic novel reviews

Castle Waithing, volume 2: More Castle Waiting goodness. Again, there's lot of background on the (colorful) characters, but there is also some progression in the actual plot (gasp!) when the keep is being remodeled. Alas, it ends rather abruptly, and there is no more of it available.

A Drunken Dream: Short stories by shoujo manga pioneer Moto Hagio. Ranging from the plain weird to the touching. Most stories deal with loss, leaving you with a bitter-sweet after-taste of melancholy. Excellently drawn -- it is easy to understand how and why these stories revolutionised girls' manga.
Read the stories first (it's unflipped, so start at the right!) and then read the interview because there are some spoilers.

Abandon the Old in Tokyo: Third anthology by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (that we read). Again, the stories show everyday Japanese people who get completely lost and estranged in a modern world that just isn't theirs anymore. And while the stories look at them with sympathy, the main characters are always left lost and alone in the end.
While I liked this anthology, I think the stories of the other two (The Push Man and Good-bye) carried more impact.

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