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halfnorn asked me these questions:

1. Do you feel like you're 'settled' in the world now, or do you still have long-time ambitions to reach?
In some ways, I have settled down. I'm married, I have acquired a lot of 'stuff', my interests and character traits have stabilised over the past few years.
But yes, I still have long-term ambitions. I want to develop myself further into my chosen avenues: writing, tinkering with hardware (and perhaps electronics), building physical things of beauty.
And then there is the career. It's clear to me that I can't continue as a pure software engineer -- I don't have time (and/or the mental agility anymore) to pick up new technologies like I used to. But I do want to keep in touch with the technical side of things. I haven't set any strict goals for myself, but I won't be programming 100% of the time in three years.

2. What qualities do you look for in music, anime, and so forth?
Probably originality and creativity. If it's a repeat of something I've heard before, I'm not that interested anymore (like, for instance, Norah Jones' second album: it's exactly the same as the first one). But a new take on an old genre or an interesting premise will keep me interested (like Last Exile, or some of Yoko Kanno's music).
It also has to be internally consistent. If I think: "Hey, hold on, that can't be right!" too often, then I'll quickly lose interest.

3. What is your opinion on politics as they are?
I think the main problem with politics, is that the average citizen does not perceive how he can influence the decision made by the government. This means that a lot of people complain without actually becoming politically active. And that's a bad thing -- we could get into a downward spiral where the government represents less and less of the people.

4. What is your view on the 'slash phenomenon'?
Amused puzzlement. I understand the urge to develop relationships into previously unexplored territory, but after a while it becomes a trick to pull off. Instead of selecting a sexual relationship from a list of possible techniques to develop the characters, it becomes the weapon of choice. And it's an easy choice too -- I would be more impressed if the relationship between two characters would deepen with something else happening.

In short, I think it's an over-used technique.

5. Do you consider yourself to be a reasonable person?
Yes. I can formulate my desires and motivate my choices in (relatively) objective terms. I'm more of a thinker than an impulsive person. In a debate, I'm open to the arguments of others -- but that is only a recent development. ;)

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