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We've seen some OVA's recently.

Megane na Kanojo is a series of four semi-unrelated episodes about... girls with glasses. Intended to be cute, of little consequence and ideal for light viewing. Some of the episodes have protagonists that are a bit irritating, though. But since the four girls are all different, there's something there for everyone. Light fluff.

Tamayura is, again, a series of four episodes. Main character is Fu, who moved back to the city she used to live in. Her father, who died some years ago, used to love the city. Her mother runs a café with her grandmother, which quickly becomes a base of operations of some sorts for Fu and the childhood friend she has re-connected with and her friends.
Fu loves photography, and she takes the camera she got from her father with her everywhere she goes. She made one picture of her father which has become sort of famous because it was displayed in the shop window of a photography shop. Together with her friends, Fu tries to find the spot where the photo was taken.
Also quite lighthearted, but because we get to see these characters for a bit longer, there's more engagement. The backgrounds were quite good, too.
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