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Living room wildlife photography

With the new lens that klik bought, it's quite easy to zoom in on unsuspecting birds and take nice snaps of 'em. Today, we've set up the tripod near the back door, and I snapped some pics.

But first this one. Chibi was lying on klik's desk, while another cat was also sunbathing on the other side of the window...
Yes, our windows are filthy. We never look through them anyway.

We have a (very old!) nest box on our fence. And with the suddenly mild weather, spring is in the air! Here's a tit checking for predators...

...before looking inside!

A blackbird on the fence in the back of the garden.

And a blackbird in our neighbours tree.

A tit on top of the twig screen near the back door. He was looking for predators before hopping on to one of the feeding balls.

And a fierce-looking robin. He's been in our yard for a few years. This is the only pic I could snap of him, because he flew away almost immediately after this. Hence the piece of wall on the left-hand side of the picture.

Credit for the cropping and sharpening goes to klik.
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