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Castle Waiting

Last Monday, we went into Eindhoven city centre. We hadn't been there for quite a while, and we wanted to get a bit of fresh air. It was... busy, but we managed to get a spot in a parking garage. We didn't really need anything, so we just wandered about, looking for special shops to browse in.
One of the shops that I used to frequent a lot was the Eppo, a comic book store. My RPG-friends were die-hard comic collectors, so we stopped by there every Saturday on our way to the arcade. I never bought many comics there, but they did have some RPG stuff that I occasionally bought.

Anyway, we ambled along and they were open. So we walked around a bit, checking out the wares. My eye was drawn to a rather stout (>400 pages) hardcover titled Castle Waiting. I leafed it through, read the first few pages and decided to buy it. I just finished it.

It's a story about what happens after Sleeping Beauty leaves her castle. The servants stay on, and decide to make a sanctuary out of the castle -- and over the years, a quite colorful cast of characters convenes at Castle Waiting, each with their own background and story to tell.
It is quite funny and entertaining. Also of note is that the female characters are quite strong in their own right, and that they play an important role in the society of the castle. It's drawn very well, and had me sniggering through some passages: especially the background story of the bearded nun is quite funny, with many tricks and ruses being employed to make the world a better place.

I've put the second volume on my wishlist -- if you're interested in graphic novels (or comics), check it out. It's quite a good read, and very reasonably priced for such a hefty and nicely bound book.

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