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Finished series: Okamisan

We've finished watching Okamisan. My first episode review is here.

The characters of the series are all based on fairy tales: the titular Okamisan is the 'bad wolf', but in this series she shares her dorm room with Ringo, modeled after little red riding hood. And Okamisan is a tsundere, while Akai-san is a manipulative schemer... There are other characters who get a few of their characteristics off their fairy-tale equivalents (though there are a few that I couldn't identify because I don't know the Japanese fairytales they're based on), but all in all it's a bit on the background and serves as an inspiration more than it detracts.

The main characters (Okami-san and her seven companions) are part of the Otogi Mutual Assistance Fund, also named the Otogi Bank. Students of the school come to the Bank to request assistance -- they're helped, but they accumulate a debt that has to be repaid in some way later on. Then one day, a shy boy (a hunter, oddly enough) musters the courage to confess his love to Okami. He is the only boy who sees through her: that her toughness is just an act to hide a very insecure girl. Unfortunately, instead of a cool, dependable guy, Ryoshi is totally useless: he gets nervous when people look at him... But due to his skill with a slingshot, he manages to become part of the Otogi Bank.

The series is quite episodic, with a single episode focussing on a single request. Most of the time the requests are pretty simple and merely serve as a jumping board for rather character-driven stories. Of course there's the relationship between Ryoshi and Okami, but also Ringo's relationship with Snow White, and so on.
There is one story-arc, which deals with the rival school (full of delinquents, apparently) and their student council chairman -- a guy who caused Okami to shut her feelings in and project a tough-girl image. Sadly, we never get to see this to its conclusion, because then the series simply ends.

The character designs have been made with great care (especially the females...), but otherwise the series is uninspiring. The voice acting is quite nice for the main characters, while being a bit bland for the rest. The narrator is pretty bad though: it's a very affected voice (you might recognise Railgun's Kuroko) and she tends to speak while other characters are also speaking, so you have to pay extra attention. I could have done without that.

Good points:
- Inspired character backgrounds;
- Lots of character-driven stories.
Bad points:
- No resolution;
- The narrator;
- A bit bland in most respects.

There's not much to dislike, but it lacks the 'wow'-factor. I guess I'll go with a 6.5 for this one.
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