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Sake tasting

The few times I've had sake, I didn't like it very much. The warm everage had undertones that I didn't like: almost like turpentine. When in Japan, I kept to the beer (which is excellent, by the way. My favourite is Asahi Super Dry.)

Last week, we were doing our weekly shopping. klik sent me to the liquour-store to get some nectar sherry ("krentjes-sherry") while she waited outside, leafing through their magazine. When I came back, she showed me an article about sake: apparently this chain of stores has two types of sake, and what caught my eye was a remark that sake could also be drunk 'cool' instead of warm.
Well, I'm always up for an experiment, so I went back in and got a bottle of the best sake. That evening, we put the bottle outside and after it had cooled off, we took a sip.

And we liked it. Soft, sweet and smooth, without the nasty aftertaste it has when warm. In a week, we finished the bottle.

Last friday, my father had invited some people over for drinks in the afternoon -- he turned 70. We were both in Utrecht that day for work, and on our way back to the car (which was parked close to the train station), we popped into the liquor-store in the station to buy a bottle of sake for him. We got two: one for him, and one for us.
Yesterday, we went for our weekly shopping run again, and klik instructed me to get a bottle of both available kinds of sake -- so that left us with three bottles. In the evening, we had a small tasting session with the three different types. As usual, our preferences were exactly the same -- we're highly compatible like that. :)

I never thought I'd start to like the stuff.

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