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Finished series: Michiko to Hatchin

About a year ago, we finished watching Michiko to Hatchin. My first episode review is here.

Michiko is a tough-as-nails femme fatale with a hidden romantic side. One day, she escapes from prison and finds her daughter Hachi. She was put with foster parents who abused her as cheap household labor. It's a bit of a dissapointment to Michiko that her daughter is a bit of a coward (all initiative has been beaten out of her), but she takes her along anyway.
Michiko is looking for 'her man', and the father of Hachi: a mid-size figure in the Brazilian criminal underground. They're on the run from the police, so they have to stick to the seedier parts of town, which brings them into contact with all sorts of people. Some of them help them on their way, others betray them to further their own ends.

All through the series, old friends urge Michiko to take it easy, to drop out of sight for a few years, to lay low. But Michiko doesn't want any of that, and barrels on ahead on the trail of her man. Meanwhile, timid Hachi tries to lead a semblance of a normal life and tries to earn some money with odd jobs here and there -- but the stubbornness of Michiko thwarts her plans more than once. This is a source of conflict between the two, tough it takes Hachi some time to find the courage to stand up to the childish and impulsive Michiko.

One part of the series romanticises the criminal lifestyle: always acting tough and having a big mouth to anyone, carrying a gun around. But the other part shows the darker side: being on the run for days without being able to take a shower; the betrayal (both malicious and casual) from once-trusted comrades. Being on a roadtrip, the duo meet a lot of people, and there's always someone exploiting someone else. That's kind of depressing: you shouldn't try to watch this series to restore your trust in humanity. Poverty is everywhere.
Luckily, the ending is kind-of upbeat, otherwise you'd be left completely depressed.

Visually, the series is quite nice: crisp lines, attractive character designs and nice backgrounds. The music swings like Brazilian samba and the action just never lets up. The voice acting (especially from the two leads) is good: they have the accents down quite good.

Good points:
- Visually appealing;
- Lots of action and improbable escapes.
Bad points:
- Kind of depressing.

All in all, I'll give it a 7. Could have been higher if the series was a bit more upbeat.
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