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Seal of Approval

After two false starts, I managed to carve a simple seal out of one of the softest soapstone sticks.

I used real red cinnabar paste to make the print. It was a real hassle to make the intaglio space between the fingers: the carving tool I bought is too big and unwieldy for the finer scratchings -- so I used mom's etching needle for that. That's why it only worked on the third try.
I traced the design onto the stone with carbon paper and then traced that with a CD marker. That worked, kind of... The marker is a bit thick (or the stone is too porous) to make really fine lines with it, and with this design at this size, every little detail counts.

The seal.

The print.

It's a bit finnicky, but nothing I can't handle after cutting so many stamps. Using the etching needle for the finer points worked quite well!
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