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Fill in the blanks

I got some soapstone from my friend A to make seal blanks from -- the blanks that I have contain small crystals that my carving tool has too much trouble with, and she had a stock of soapstone available. So yesterday I bought a saw with a small blade and a collection of sanding papers -- and got to work.

The five blanks that I have now. The bottom two are from a softer kind of soapstone, a bit brownish in color. The top three are from a white, slightly harder type of soapstone.

Close-up of a white blank. You can see that it has three vertical sawed edges, and one 'rustic' edge. I like the effect, and I like the non-square form of the resulting seal. The top needs some more polishing, but I don't think I'll be polishing up the other edges -- I think it adds to the charm.

Another close-up. Note the non-regular shaped end -- this will be the end that I will carve the design in.

So far, soapstone is a delight to work with -- but I haven't started carving the seals themselves yet. I'm pretty confident that I will manage -- these are softer than the 'official' blanks I have.
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