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Shining koi!

klik is using a store-bought notebook with a red linen cover to make notes during our RPG sessions. Of course, just the plain notebook is a bit... plain. And I do have a gilding pen and quite a few different colors of foil, so I could decorate it some...
We settled on these cute chibi koi: the white would be done with silver, the orange with gold, and the outlines with shiny black.

The end result. Quite shiny, isn't it?

Another one, showing off the shiny-ness of the foil. Curiously enough, the silver didn't stick to the linen as good as the gold and black did, so it's kind of spotty...

Top fish...

Middle fish...

Bottom fish!

I'm not sure what this photo adds, but I liked it, so I'm posting it anyway. :)

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. There are some small shifts, so the colors aren't exactly aligned everywhere, but that adds to the charm (in this case). And I'm surprised by how bad the silver 'stuck' -- even though I did the same with the silver as I did with the gold and black. That's something to keep in mind for future reference.

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