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Paper art

Yesterday, we went to Apeldoorn, to see (part of) the Holland Paper Biennal at the CODA museum. Some things were 'meh', but most things were very cool and impressive. Top piece this, by Lu Shengzhong:

(Taken from the museum café, looking down into the exposition)

It's hard to see from this distance (and with this resolution), but these are three books with red pages. The pages have been cut into strips, with at the end small human figures -- as if they have an umbilical cord towards the empy books. It must have been a lot of work, but the sheer volume of paper make that the details are lost in the chaos.
If you're interested in paper art, the collection at the CODA is very nice! We'll be visiting Rijswijk next month, to coincide with the paper market.
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