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Jul. 20th, 2010 @ 10:21 pm RPGs and conflict
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A good RPG session has conflict: the PCs should have a reason to care about what happens, and they have to have something to strive against. Or, to borrow the tagline from Darkurthe Legends (which I helped playtest lo these many moons ago): "From trials come heroes, from heroes come legends". And doesn't every player want their character to be part of a legend?

Obviously, combat is the 'easiest' manner in which to provide conflict: here's a bunch of orcs that want to overrun your town -- now go get 'em! But not everybody is a combat-oriented character, and they need trials too. Sunday's session was a bit unbalanced: I did not succeed enough (to my own taste) to keep the Magician and the Animist involved in the action. That needs to improve for this Sunday -- but I haven't decided on a scenario yet.
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