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Another technical innovation at home

With my PC Privé, I bought a Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe, a USB device that acts as a hardware MPEG2-encoder. I can use it to digitise any analog video source (like cable or VHS) and use the resulting video to, say, make a DVD. Because the encoding is done in the hardware, it does not put any strain on my processor, so the quality is consistent, even if I decide to do something processor-intensive during the digitising.
I found out that I didn't have the right cables to get video from my VHS recorder to the box. So I went to Technica, bought 10 euros worth of cabling (a SCART-plug that has a switch between input and output, a female-female stereo mini-jack plug and a stereo mini-jack to tulip plugs), and it all works like a charm.

So if any of you need VHS tapes digitised, lemme know. ;)

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