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Small Gods...

We've listened to Tim Pratt's "Little Gods" from Podcastle while doing things like driving around to the supermarket to get groceries. It's a common (to me) theme: lots of gods for all sorts of aspects of everyday life. I'm also (re-)reading all of the Sandman comics, in the form of the four Absolute Sandman tomes. It has this same theme.

And I have an RPG, Nobilis, which is absolutely gorgeous and which has background and rules to play a a god or goddess of something. And I think of the tales that could be woven: either sweet children's fairy-tales, or Barkeresque dark tales of a war just below the surface of reality. Or, quite possibly, an odd mix of the two.

And then I think of the work and time involved in preparing for a session of Rolemaster -- which is a quite standard fantasy RPG. There is no way I could justify the investment in time to get this off the ground, unless every player get their hands on the book first.
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