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Accents in OpenOffice.org Writer

I've been writing a lot of text for the RPG, using OpenOffice.org Writer. It's certainly a very servicable word processor. Not that I have much choice: there aren't many word processors that run on Linux, but we're lucky that the one that does, works as well as OO.o does.
But there is one thing that I found quite vexing: inserting accented characters. In Microsoft Word, you can define shortcut keys for accented characters and simply use those shortcuts to produce an ï or an è. Not so in Writer: there is an 'Insert Special Character' dialog (which is hard to navigate to top it off), and it doesn't allow you to set keyboard shortcuts.

Which why I was very pleased to find a macro called Accentuate, which replaces character sequences like "e'" into an é. Map a keyboard shortcut to the macro, and you're done! And since the source comes with the macro, you can also add your own sequences too.
This is speeding up my text production significantly.
Tags: linux, tools

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