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We're attending the wedding celebration of (semi-former) colleague B. today. He moved to the UK, and we did the math and some planning and decided to make it a small holiday, with a hotel for five nights and a rental car.
We booked a flight from Weeze (close to Nijmegen) to Stansted (close to B.'s house), which would leave at 21:05. So we left earlier from the company outing of TNJ (which was yesterday -- great fun was had by all) to get to the airport with enough leeway to ensure we would be able to pass all the various procedures in time.
Turns out that our flight had a two hour delay -- which meant we were only just in time to collect our rental car -- after queueing for customs and queueing for the car rental place). And then we got gloriously lost on our way to the hotel! By 02:00 we were in our room... The owner took pity on us, and he was very friendly and helpful. (And, during the time we were lost, we saw some hares, two deer (who could not find an opening in the hedge, so they sort of walked alongside our car) and a fox crossing the road. To us city-dwellers, thatś pretty special.)

The hotel is great: it's close to a "navigable river" with lots of locks and weirs, it's really away from everywhere -- their wifi password is "tranquil", and it's very appropriate. We helped (a bit) with getting a narrowboat through a lock, and we were offered a ride on the boat. People seem relaxed and friendly, which makes it the ideal refreshing spot for a short vacation.
Tomorrow we're going geocaching along the banks of the navigable river, and we're looking forward to that!

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