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When Spotify launched in the Netherlands, I was intrigued and got a free account to try it out. Their Windows client also runs under Wine, so that's sufficient for me. And we have the boxes hooked up to klik's machine (which runs WinXP) anyway, so it all worked out. After using it for 16 hours within a single week, we got ourselves an Unlimited subscription -- it's more convenient than downloading, and it's the first service that 'gets' it. So why not pay a small amount per month to make it all legal?

I've set up scrobbling though Last.fm (and added the appropriate code to Benzaiten for auto-detecting music), but I'm a bit late into the game for that, and I'm a bit at a loss what my possibilities are. I'm sure I can get recommendations through Last.fm, but I haven't found out how just yet. Is anyone else on Spotify? Have any good playlists to share?
Tags: music, technology

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